As a former daycare provider, I am going to share with you some of my best tips that helped me grow my business. I hope you love them, and find them helpful!

Tip 1. Don’t treat your daycare business like a hobby.

Just because you enjoy taking care of children doesn’t mean you should do it for free or charge low fees. Put a high value on what you provide, charge what you’re worth (you don’t have to be the cheapest daycare in town) and stop feeling like you are doing something wrong. Because you are NOT. Here’s the truth: if you don’t make money, you won’t stay in business. Do better, friend! You owe it to yourself and your family.

Tip 2. Learn To Say No

Often times we feel stressed and overwhelmed because we agree to do things out of guilt and obligation. We say YES when we want to say NO. For example, we accept late payments without charging late fees, but then get mad because we are tired of being broke. Or we open earlier/close later for a daycare family, but then get mad because we are burned out. Friend, it’s time to start saying NO. Why!? Because if you want to be a successful daycare provider, you have to learn how to say NO and stop feeling guilty for doing what YOU believe is best for you and your daycare business.

Tip 3. Take A Deep Breath

Some days are just plain hard. You prepared a fun craft, but kids ruined it. You
tried to do story time, but kids wouldn’t sit still. You cooked delicious lunch, but kids wouldn’t eat it. You went the extra mile for your daycare parents, yet none of them said “Thank you.” Sister, not every day will be your best day and that’s the reality of running a daycare business. So pause. Take a deep breath. And start fresh – TOMORROW. Because here’s the thing: sometimes you just need a reset.

Tip 4. Sick Kids Stay Home

The flu/cold season is upon us. So it’s a perfect time to remind your daycare
parents that sick kids stay home. Their home, not yours. Make this non-negotiable. You want to be very strict and very clear on your “sick policy,” as this one seems to get tested the most.

Tip 5. Follow The Contract

If you want your clients to follow a contract they signed, you have to follow and enforce it first. So make sure you have a powerful contract, that works for you and your program, and always do what your contract says. If your contract says you’ll charge fees for late pick ups, then do it. If your contract says you’ll add extra fees for late payments, then do it. If your contract says your payday is Monday, then collect payments on Mondays not Tuesdays. It’s that simple. Plus when parents understand your rules – and – consequences system, they are less likely to cause problems. And that’s a win!

Tip 6. Find Your “No”

Remind yourself that not every family is a good fit for your daycare business, even though it might be tempting to enroll a challenging family because of money. But friend, it’s NOT worth it. Some families have unrealistic expectations when it comes to childcare and their impossible demands will drain you physically, emotionally and financially. For real. That’s why it’s better to say NO, part ways, and save yourself a lot of drama. Sometimes you just know that a potential daycare family is NOT a good fit – and that’s ok. Don’t second guess yourself. Trust your gut and look for a different family. You’ve got this!

Tip 7. One Day At A Time

Being a daycare provider and a business owner is a lot like being a first time
parent: it is a learning experience. You may not know what you are doing at first, but you are tying to do your best. You learn as you go. You fail. You improve. You become more confident. You survive craziness. Is it easy? NO! It’s hard. But don’t give up. Eventually you’ll figure things out and you’ll find your rhythm. Remember: Rome wasn’t build in a day. And your daycare business won’t be either. So be kind to yourself. Be patient. And keep growing one day at a time.


Daycare business comes with many difficult challenges and exciting achievements! It is a very unique profession that requires a lot of time, effort, energy, patience and wisdom.

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