Did you know that most providers struggle with writing and enforcing their daycare contract? And can I be completely honest? I was one of those providers. 

When I first started my business, I didn’t even have a contract until my husband suggested I do some research and learn how to write a powerful daycare contract. 

And Jeff was right. 

Here are 7 reasons why you should have a daycare contract: 

1️⃣ It outlines your rules, policies and expectations. 
2️⃣ It shows how YOU want to run your daycare business.
3️⃣ It helps clients decide if your business is what they’re looking for. 
4️⃣ It helps you decide if those clients are what you’re looking for. 
5️⃣ It’s a great communication tool. 
6️⃣ It sets healthy boundaries between you and your clients. (So when there are issues and disagreements, you’ll be able to refer back to your contract). 
7️⃣ It keeps you accountable to make sure you treat all your clients the same – no playing favorites.


Writing a daycare contract is a huge and a tedious task BUT it’s the first step toward running a successful daycare business. 

So I hope you will put time, energy and effort into creating your daycare contract. It may not be fun, but it will be worth it. Your future self will thank you! 

You can purchase your Contract Here!