Hey Fabulous Providers!

So, I know you are wondering what SUPPORTING this company I created is all about. 🙂

This is the thing: I love to give you guys a huge part of my week, and I have done that faithfully posting literally DAILY and sometimes more. 🙂

I would charge a larger amount NORMALLY for all of the free content, training, encouragement, tools…

But I KNOW what YOU are going through in this business – you barely make ends meet.

So here is I what decided to do about it.

Instead of charging you normal group coaching time (which I have seen go anywhere from $100 to $2000 PER MONTH) I noticed Facebook is allowing special GROUPS like us to “support” the owner/admin person. This allows them to literally afford to bring value to people that can’t afford it otherwise.

Unfortunately, Facebook will not make that available to Fabulous Provider until we grow much larger. LOL – like 10X larger! Ha ha. (we will GET THERE soon, right?)

Here is what YOUR SUPPORT will continue to allow me to provide:

  • Awesome Weekly Daycare Tips
  • Early-bird Discounts On All NEW Fabulous Provider Products
  • One on one support from Sylvie personally!
  • Latest Reports State of Daycare Industry
  • Free Email Updates

If you agree with the value and have personally appreciated this business, and are willing and able to support me…

I have crunched this number so that anyone – literally anyone could cut out just ONE STARBUCKS A MONTH!

THAT”S RIGHT – Just $19.99 $9.99 a month!

If this resonates with you, I THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for your Support below:

PS. There is absolutely no obligation and You can cancel ANYTIME

Support Fabulous Provider HERE

Always my best,

Sylvie Saxton

Owner, Fabulous Provider