Business Tips

Running your in-home daycare is a business. Like any business, there are key issues you need to address. Learn More

Contracts / Forms

Keeping it LEGAL means you need to get agreements in writing. This not only protects all parties legally, but it also protects relationships. People can go to a signed contract as a reference to the commitments that have been made. Learn More

Room Layout

The physical space that you and your daycare kids live in is a key part of bringing the effectiveness and enjoyment to the next level. When you are happy, the daycare kids will be happy, the parents will be happy. #everybodywins Learn More

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This guide covers EVERYTHING you need to know in order to be a successful daycare provider who enjoys her job! You deserve to wake up in the morning and not feel like it’s a drag going to work! No more struggling with feeling stuck in a rut, lack of creativity, stress and loneliness!


1. Step by step how to start your daycare business or make changes in the already existing daycare business.

2. Recommendations how to decorate and designate space for your daycare business.

3. A list of MUST have toys that you can’t live without.

4. Secrets to a successful interview.

5. A secret code to an outstanding contract and policies.

6. Discipline tips.

7. Help with creating a daily schedule and routine.

8. Classroom ideas.

9. A checklist of must haves in your art project box.

10. Little tricks that make food more exciting and help you not to go crazy while feeding children.

11. Navigation to a successful nap time.

And much more to help YOU SHINE!

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Next Steps…

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