My Best Business Advice

Can I share my BEST advice for daycare providers? Let’s chat! 

I’ll be honest: choosing daycare families is tough…

but training them to respect you and the way you run your daycare business is even tougher. 

I know it’s true because I had clients that I allowed to walk all over me and take charge of MY business. 

How? I tried to meet their unrealistic expectations and demands. Always saying “yes.”

Why? Because I was afraid they would leave and I would lose my paycheck.

STUPID? I know! 

Luckily, I’ve learned pretty quickly that if I didn’t value myself and stand up for my daycare business, nobody else would. So I did. I made a change:

I put myself back in charge AND I started to say “no” in a sincere and unapologetic way.

In the process I lost a few families, BUT eventually I replaced them with new families who were much easier and more enjoyable to work with. 


This new approach made me more confident and ultimately more successful.

And guess what!? It’s YOUR turn now. 

I hate to break it to you, but daycare families will disrespect you and treat you badly for as long as you let them. 

Friends, it’s time to stop being timid and start taking charge of YOUR daycare business. Ok, let me say it again: girl, you’re in charge. Not your clients. Not your daycare kids. Not your spouse. Not your nay-sayers. YOU ARE!

Don’t wait for something good to happen, MAKE it happen. 

So… what if you decided TODAY that you are in charge of you daycare business? What would it look like? 

Be willing. Be brave. Be the boss.

Let’s go!

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