Three Reasons You Should Do Lesson Time

Wanna know 3 reasons why you should do circle/lesson time at your daycare? Here we go:

Reason 1️⃣: You’ll avoid boredom.

It’s no secret that we work 10+ hour days and sometimes our days get long and boring – you know it’s true! So by teaching different lessons you’ll bring spark, excitement and lots of fun into your day. Kids will love it and so will you! Plus your day will go by faster! YASSSSS!!!

Reason 2️⃣: You’ll make an impact.

Kids are like little sponges. They learn a lot at a young age – so don’t be afraid to invest in the future generation! Be intentional about what you teach. Yes ABC’s, 1,2,3’s, colors, shapes, etc. are important but don’t forget to teach them how to be a good person! It’s your opportunity to make a difference!

Reason 3️⃣: You’ll make parents happy.

Let’s just call it how it is: most parents believe that their kids will learn more at Pre-K! So they take their kids out of your daycare and send them to Pre-K! Well, prove them wrong! Communicate with your parents what you teach each week and let them be wow-ed by you!!!! Because yes, you’re awesome!

There you have it, my friend!

Remember: circle/lesson time does not have to be boring. Keep it simple and have FUN!

Ready to teach!?

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