From Scared to Successful

REAL TALK: you can’t work with everyone.

I will never forget one of the most stressful times in my daycare business: It was when I got into an argument with one of my daycare Moms and she quit on me.

Just like that. She was done.

Why? Because I refused to hold her infant 10 hours a day.

Yes, you read that correct. I was not willing to hold her baby the entire time her child was with me.

You guys… our parting was not pretty.

She said she would tell everyone in town what a horrible provider I was and how she was going to destroy my business.

Honestly, I was devastated. I was scared. And I was heartbroken because I truly loved that family.

But here’s what I learned from that painful experience:

People are going to have an opinion about me.

And yes, people are going to have an opinion about you.

They may not like the way you run your business.
They may not like your prices.
They may not like your schedule and routine.
They may not like what you feed the kids.
They may not like your house or neighborhood.

Listen friend, you may feel extremely overwhelmed and discouraged by what they say BUT you won’t be held back by their opinion. You will continue to show up and serve.


Because somebody else’s opinion about you doesn’t pay your bills.
Somebody else won’t stop you from serving families in your community.
Somebody else can’t control how you run your daycare business.

Girl, you’ve come too far to let somebody stop you now!

And you wanna know what?

Here’s the truth: you will lose families and you will enroll families throughout your daycare career. And most of the time when a family leaves, it will suck. But, here’s my question to you:

Do you have the guts to stand back up after you’ve been punched?

If your answer is yes, then…

GO RUN YOUR DAYCARE BUSINESS and serve your families well.

Yes, you can turn your scared to success!

Keep going. ❤️

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