Your Job Matters

Did you know that you are a solution to somebody’s problem?

Here’s what I mean…

You are making possible for your daycare parents to go to work because you are taking care of their children!

Can I share my personal example?

A lot of my daycare parents were doctors and nurses who worked at the Mayo Clinic. Every day they were able to see patients, perform surgeries and help people get better because their children were well taken care of at my daycare. My job allowed them to follow their dreams and passions.

Pretty amazing, right?

I know you might be thinking, “that’s great, Sylvie!” but let me remind you of something: you’re helping your daycare parents, too!

Yes, you.

Truth be told, daycare is so much more than you being stuck at home missing out on the “outside” world. Whether you realize it or not…

you are a part of a much bigger picture.

💛 Without you there may not be a doctor helping someone fight cancer.

💛 Without you there may not be a teacher caring for children with special needs.

💛 Without you there may not be a garbage truck driver picking up trash in your city. (And yes that includes getting your garbage bags full of diapers!)

💛 Without you there may not be a policeman protecting your city from criminal activities.

💛 Without you there may not be a hair stylist giving us much needed haircuts.

💛 Without you there may not be… (fill in the blank).

I could keep going but I’ll stop there.

Bottom line?

Your job MATTERS more than you know it.

Providers, you are changing your city, you are changing your community and you are changing the world by watching, loving and investing in little children.


If you are struggling with feeling down, forgotten or invisible: THIS NOTE IS FOR YOU!

NEVER doubt the importance of your job!

Yes, it may not be glamours but it is needed!

Remember, parents need you. This world needs you.

Keep going.

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