1. Being a daycare provider is our job, not a hobby. Daycare providers are not babysitters unless parents want to pay us $10-15 per hour! Then we will happily become your daily babysitters!
  2. When daycare providers get an unexpected day off, it feels like Christmas morning. Best gift ever! Don’t judge us.
  3. We can change diapers in record time. Try us, we will beat you every time.
  4. We get mad when parents don’t pay us on time, just like you would if you weren’t paid on time. Don’t believe me? Then have your boss pay you a few days later than your payday. Did you panic a little?
  5. We know more about families and their home life than what we want to know. “Thank you, little ones, for all the entertaining stories.” Don’t be embarrassed. It’s called – having talkative and observant kids.
  6. Drop-off and pick-up times often bring us anxiety as these are the most stressful times of the day. Parents, your kid is not your boss. So don’t let him/her push you around! Be in charge.
  7. Some parents think we get paid for doing nothing. Oh yeah. Why don’t we trade jobs for a day! It’s harder than you think.
  8. Nap-time is that sacred moment when we can finally go to the bathroom without being interrupted.
  9. Yes, your kids do tell us they love us. But it doesn’t make them love you any less. Trust me.
  10. No, we don’t pretend to be their Moms. But in reality, they are spending 11 hours a day with us. So sometimes, they do call us “Mom”.
  11. Socks! Every daycare provider’s nightmare. Kids take them off all day long. So please bring an extra pair to keep us sane.
  12. Rainy days can be a disaster for any daycare provider unless parents bring rain coats and rain boots for the kiddos. Then rainy days turn into the best days at daycare.
  13. We are smarter than you think. Yes, we know you gave your child Tylenol before they came, so they are feeling “okay” at drop-off. But guess what? Four hours later, the Tylenol is going to wane-off, and we will be calling you at work to pick up your child! Not fun for everyone involved! And that includes your child.
  14. We did not write our contract because we thought you need an extra book to read. We wrote a contract so you know what we are all about; which will help you decide if we are the right fit for your family. You’re welcome!
  15. Vacation time is our life-line. We need a break from our home and we need a break from the kiddos. Everybody is going to be happy when a daycare provider is happy! Trust me on this one. Don’t fight “vacation” with any daycare provider.
  16. We like to look nice like everyone else. But seriously… after changing way-too-many diapers, cooking, crafting, teaching, cleaning and working 11-hour days, we may not look our best at pick-up. Don’t you dare say anything! Just smile politely, and bring us a brownie.
  17. Most daycare providers love coffee. Actually, it’s even more serious than that; we are addicted to coffee! No, we don’t need an intervention. But we do need you to show up with a hot cup of coffee once in a while.
  18. Fruit snacks are our secret weapon. We buy them in bulk. I’ve never met a child who didn’t like fruit snacks.
  19. The last hour of work is the longest and hardest hour of the day. It goes slow. So parents, feel free to pick up your little ones earlier… anytime!
  20. We are not a restaurant. Therefore, there are no menus at daycare. We make the same thing for all the kiddos unless there are allergies involved.
  21. As much as we would like to be friends with daycare parents, it’s always best to avoid mixing friendships and business. But easier said than done!
  22. Daycare providers hate Mondays, just like everyone else. But that does not mean we hate your children.
  23. We want to quit almost every single day, but we never do. Your kids put some spell on us and we can’t stop loving them!
  24. We have a life outside of daycare. Boom! Shocker! I know.
  25. People think we are crazy for becoming a daycare provider, and they are probably right. But we love what we do – we’re making a huge difference by investing in young children!
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  1. Kathy says:

    11Hours per day is not just 11 hours. It can be 24 hours per with day with children. Include in those hour’s: planning, fixing, repairing, laundry, grocery shopping, bithday shopping, holiday shopping and planning. Planning ememergencies, attend classes required, being a doctor, psychologist, teacher, bouncer, banker, accountant and the list goes on and on and on……..

  2. Joan says:

    My daughter is a daycare provider and i have been there first hand to see what she does. Your children are in great hands and everything in the above list is true. Day care providers are very hard working people who love children and it shows in how they care for your children. Hats off to all the great ones out there!

  3. Donna says:

    This 25 is just the tip.. But we do do it out of love and not for the 3.00 an hour. You have to be a special kind if crazy for this job. Who would voluntarily deal with ,snot,vomit,rashes,poop in every form,tantrums, on an everyday basis. Daycare providers that’s who. And we make sure you get a Valentine’s card,a Christmas picture,dyed Easter eggs,and a mother’s and fathers day card. So do something special for your child’s provider,because you love and appreciate them..

  4. Ken Ames says:

    AMEN to that!!! I have and do spend a little time at a Daycare from time to time just to help out a little to entertain the children and I can attest to what I have seen at a Daycare. I enjoy working with kids but I would never ever want to run one. so be grateful that some people still do want to operate a daycare because it is not just an 8 hour a day job. They need to be ready at most daycares to start their work day when the first child arrives and then at least an hour after the last child leaves just to clean up and get ready for the next day which doesn’t include laundry for towels and beds, shopping, etc. How long would anyone working 8-12 hours at a job without benefits like vacations and holiday pay stay at that job not long in these days and times. Then have to interview new potential clients and have their home inspected by the State DHS Welfare Dept. so they can stay Licensed along with keeping records. Not to mention keeping their house pets locked away because of State Rules. And not to mention the extra garbage that gets created which the Daycare provider’s husband or family member has to get rid of on trash day. So please take care of your Daycare Provider’s as they give your child the best care possible.

  5. Tina Y. Prioleau says:

    This article hit every point I have been trying to get across to my parents!!! I am going to include this in my enrollment packets from this day forward!!! THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU!!!

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