Hey Daycare Provider! Guess Who Appreciates You!

Dear Provider: Thank you!

When I think of Provider Appreciation Day, (PAD) I can’t help but smile! OH MY WORD is there a special day dedicated to us? Am I dreaming? Is this real?

But as excited as I am, I also feel hesitation and doubt. Would daycare families acknowledge this day? Would anybody say thank you? Perhaps you are like me: you want to be excited yet you don’t want to be disappointed.

So now what?


#1 Remind yourself how FABULOUS you are.

Today is YOUR day and you are worth celebrating! Don’t feel bad about it! You matter! Treat yourself to something you love. Shopping anyone? Starbucks? New purse? Steak dinner? Uninterrupted nap time? Bubble bath? The sky is your limit. Go for it!

#2 Remember, some people are not good at saying “thank you” or showing recognition.

Don’t let them ruin your day. Eat an extra cupcake and celebrate anyway!

#3 Recognize that providers will be posting pictures of their cards, gifts, and flowers on social medial.

If that’s going to bug you, don’t steal their joy but instead stay off social media for a day.

#4 Read what parents said when I asked them what they appreciate about daycare providers.

You gonna love their answers because – they get it! Good parents still exist. Go find them and do business with them:

~ “We loved so much about our providers! They had a great way of working together – structured, yet fluid. Because there were two of them, they were able to get outside with the kids A LOT! They were invested in the lives of the families at their daycare. They truly cared on a personal level which was such a blessing. They were very accommodating to special dietary needs, schedules, etc. They handled the kids with ease. They are both laid back and kind personalities and their demeanor set the tone for the daycare. The kids loved and respected them.”

~ “We appreciated the fact she used to be a teacher. We liked she was structured and she had a no nonsense approach to the rules for children. We felt that our kids were protected and safe, which was our number 1 concern.
Whenever there was an illness that came through daycare she posted it on the board. She was great with communication. We received daily written reports of behavior and food. We really appreciated her attention to detail. She was also very on top of the kiddos having all their items (hats, gloves, backpacks). Nothing was left behind.
Lastly, we felt she truly loved our children, that was comforting.”

~ “What I appreciate/love the most is that I know I’m bringing my kiddos to someone who loves them equally as much as I do! They want to see them succeed, know their likes and dislikes, and understand them on a level only parents and maybe grandparents do.
What I really enjoyed about a previous daycare provider is how she was able to provider structure and stability to my strong willed child. She also helped nurture her empathy and the meaning of friendships. She also share our same beliefs and was able to enforce values we were teaching at home.
Our current daycare provider is different, but still amazing with our strong willed daughter. She really understands our daughter and does really well with her.
Lastly, daycare providers are always there for you. They are going through all the stages with you and are always making themselves available. Providers are awesome!”

#5 Relax, it’s Friday! Do I need to say more?

Seriously, who doesn’t like weekends.

That’s it! Five simple steps to help you make today AMAZING!

Now go and celebrate! Perhaps all weekend long? Happy PAD! Thank you for all you do and the wonderful person you are!

xoxo, Sylvie

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