My Best Teaching Advice

One of my favorite things I loved doing with my daycare kiddos was circle/lesson time! And I did it every single day. That’s right, every single day!

I know some of you might be asking HOW!?!? “Sylvie, how in the world did you make the kids sit still? Or pay attention?”

Great questions!

Because let’s face it… good circle/lesson time doesn’t happen by accident.

So here are five simple steps I followed that made my circle/lesson time successful and fun!


1️⃣ Music + dance time.

I always started our circle/lesson time with music. I would play cheerful and upbeat songs that we danced to. YES, I danced with the kiddos and had a blast! But we also listened to classic kid songs like: The Wheels On The Bus, Head And Shoulders etc. and did lots of actions! Not only did we have a great time but the kiddos got their energy out so they were ready to sit down for my lesson! Yes!!!!!!! Our dance time lasted 20-30 minutes. About 5 songs!

2️⃣ Story Time

When dance time was over, we’d sit down for a story time. I would pick a book to read out loud that went with my lesson. I also showed the kiddos pictures inside the book, which they loved, and they made the cutest comments! My favorite! Extra tip: make reading exciting and not boring!

3️⃣ Lesson Time

I had a big white board on my wall which was extremely helpful while I was doing lesson time! Even though most of my kids were young and couldn’t read, (ages 6 weeks – 5 years) I would still write on the white board and draw pictures of whatever I was teaching that day. For example: if I was teaching Seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter) I would write those words and draw pictures that represented each season: sun for summer, snowflakes for winter etc. The kids loved it and it helped them pay attention! Plus they started to get familiar with words and letters!

4️⃣ Q & A Time

At the end of each class, I would ask the kiddos 3-5 questions that went with my lesson. For example: if my lesson was about Fall, I’d ask them: “Have you ever been to a pumkin patch? Or what letter does a pumpkin start with?” I made sure every child was involved and had a chance to answer. It was such a treat to see how much they were learning and I couldn’t be more proud!

5️⃣ Reward Time

It’s no secret that kids love treats! Well, I had a jar of M&M’s so after each class kids who paid attention and listened got 3 M&M’s. Yup, only 3 because nobody wants over sugared kids! Right? Right! My kiddos were happy to get them and I was happy to reward them. It was a win win. Extra tip: When kids were getting antsy during lesson time, I’d grab the M&M’s jar and shook it. It was a great reminder that there was a treat waiting for the kids who listened at the end of our lesson time. Worked like a charm!

Now, that’s what I call a winning strategy! See for yourself by trying these powerful and simple tips!


You got this!

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