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business woman daycare challenges

Daycare challenges, anyone? I remember when I first decided to open my own daycare business. At first… everything was basically free of any daycare challenges. I was so excited and ready to roll. My husband and I, plus helpful friends and family members, spent a lot of time painting, decorating and transferring our basement into a […]

How Much Should I Charge For Daycare

I have said it before, but let me say it again: daycare is a business; NOT a hobby. As a business owner, you are going to charge your clients for watching their children. Unfortunately, many daycare providers have a hard time knowing how much to charge for their daycare services. They ask things like: “What’s […]

Have You Ever Stressed About Your Daycare?

Okay I guess we all worry at times. Maybe you had a conflict with your daycare parents and you worry that they will leave if you confronted them. Or maybe you have a hard time finding kids to enroll in your program and you worry about having enough money to pay your bills. Or perhaps […]