Choose Belief, Not Doubt

Have you ever had to confront a daycare family because of their late payments?

Or add extra fees for late pick ups? Or maybe you had to terminate a family because they were not a good match? How about taking paid time off and paid sick days?

Decisions. Decisions.

We all have been there, faced with decisions that are not easy or fun to make. But here’s the deal: you can’t please others at the EXPENSE of doing what is right for your DAYCARE BUSINESS and your FAMILY.

Please read it again. And let it sink in. Friend, no matter how scared you are DON’T let fear of disappointing someone become a deciding factor what YOU will do next… Okay?

To Fear or Not To Fear?

Because the truth is, nobody will care about your business or your family the way you do!

So… to anyone who’s struggling with making hard decisions: DO IT SCARED!

You are stronger than you think; smarter than you believe; braver than you feel; and – you are capable of making hard decisions that bring positive change and set you up for success.

In Other Words…

When you truly think you can, you will!

Let’s go!

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