How To Become A Daycare Interview Pro

Let’s discuss what it would feel like to be a Daycare Interview Pro

But first, this sample message below:

Hi Sylvie,

My name is Rachel and I am looking for daycare for my two children: a 6 month old infant and a 3 year old toddler. Would you happen to have any openings? If so, could we set up an interview for this Tuesday at 7 pm? Let me know.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Rachel

If you are a daycare provider, you probably received many emails that are very similar to this one or phone messages that sounded something like this.

You’ve been wanting to fill your spots for a while now, and finally it might be happening. How exciting! This is your chance to enroll more children and make more money. And who doesn’t want that, right?


But how can you perform a successful daycare interview like a pro – one that will end in enrollment? How can you show your clients that you are the best daycare provider out there? (Because you are.)

You need confidence to prove it.

If you are a shy person who does not like to interact with people, you have to learn how to change that. Because when you are a daycare provider you will have to talk and meet with people all the time. You will be doing lots of daycare interviews in order to stay in business. Sure it can be scary, but ditch your fears for success.

If you are an outgoing person, who likes to talk and share with people, you will have to learn how to listen to your clients before you talk. I know this might be challenging, but you will thank me later.

Remember: getting a “Yes.” from a potential daycare family can mean:

  • going on your dream vacation sooner
  • paying off debt quicker
  • spoiling yourself with a fancy coffee maker (in my book, coffee is gold!)

What’s the reward you want? What’s your thing?
“New clients” might be the answer.

Can I show you something else that will make a big difference between a successful interview and a terrible interview? Great!

You want to pay attention to these 3 things while interviewing daycare families:

Their needs. (hours, location, price)
Their wants. (lesson time, music time, organic food, outside time)
Their concerns. (low numbers, high numbers, paid time off, sick days)

Listen carefully to what they say, so you can determine if these potential daycare families are the right fit for your daycare program.

And if they are, use your knowledge and expertise to convince them you are exactly what they are looking for. Choosing you is a great decision. Actually, it is the best decision.

If you think they are not a good fit for you, then encourage them to find a different daycare that will fulfil  their expectations.

Always be honest with yourself and with your clients.

Because the truth is, not every family is a good fit for your daycare business.

Some families have unrealistic expectations when it comes to childcare. Their impossible demands will drain you physically, emotionally and financially. That’s why it is better to part ways, and save yourself a lot of drama before you are both frustrated, disappointed and ready to “kill” each other.

Interviews are the beginning steps to your business making a profit, so there is no other choice but to learn how to run them successfully and confidently.

And my friend…

you are more than capable to rock daycare interviews like a PRO!

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