How Being A Daycare Provider Makes A Difference

Do We Really Matter?

I’m sure you are like me, and you wonder this at times.

Are you tired of putting so much time and effort into your daycare business, but still wondering if it really matters? 

I get it. 

But… I have exactly the encouragement that you need to hear.

A few years ago, I got a letter from a little girl who used to come to my daycare. She’s seven now and this is what she wrote in her letter:

“You feel like a Mom to me.” 

Excuse me while I cry a little…😭😭😭

You guys, I felt so honored and humbled by her sweet words. She was just learning how to write and yet she chose to write a letter to me… with a message that wrecked me. For real.

But here’s the thing: my little buddy’s note is an inside peek into our business, isn’t it!? 

Just because our work might not be glamorous (hello diapers!) doesn’t mean it’s not important! 


So here’s to the discouraged, exhausted, burnt out and ready to quit daycare provider: this message is for YOU! 

You matter.
You’re loved. 
You’re enough.
You’re a big deal to your little buddies. 
You’re making a difference. A big difference.

And in case no one told you today…


I’m proud of you and all the hard work + effort that you put into your business! 

Your labor of love makes a difference. 

And to some, apparently, it means everything. Period.❤️

Who needs extra encouragement today!?

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