How To Stand Out Among Your Daycare Competition

[sgmb id=”1″]I love watching movies!

But not any movie will do for this girl- chick flicks are my favorite. Wanna come over for some popcorn, M&M’s and a movie? Join me anytime, friend! Have you ever seen MEAN GIRLS?

Just in case you have not seen it, it is a movie about 3 popular high school girls who are impossible to become friends with – unless you wear the right clothes, drive the right car and look a certain way.

The title of this movie says it all – the 3 girls ARE mean and disrespectful. They put others down to stand out in the crowd and feel better about themselves. They will do whatever it takes to win, even when it means not playing fair.

Sounds very high schoolish, doesn’t it?

But do you think this kind of mean comparison and competition only happens in high school?

How about we take it a little step further… you think there might be a few mean girls among daycare providers? Being a daycare provider is a professional business. It is not a hobby as some might think. Like any business, we want to be successful and profitable.

My guess is there are other daycare providers in your area. They become your competition, and the truth is we all compare ourselves to other providers. Sometimes we get a little insecure. Maybe other daycare providers in your area are full, but you are still trying to fill your spots. Or you see their Facebook posts with a beautifully decorated daycare space… while you have no idea what to put on your walls.

It seems like other providers always look so cute and put together, when you look like you just got out of bed! I am sorry to tell you, but there are always going to be other providers around and you will have to compete for clients because you have bills to pay and life to live, right?

So what is the best way to compete without becoming a mean girl? How do you stand out among your competition?

Here’s your answer:

  1. FOCUS on yourself and your daycare business instead of wasting energy on comparing yourself to other daycare providers. Strive to become your best.
  2. DO FREQUENT “CHECK-UPS” to see what is working well in your business. Find what areas need extra attention and make a few changes that will improve your business. It might be as simple as changing your hours. Would opening an extra 15 minutes earlier bring you more clients? Or closing an extra 15 minutes later work better for the families in your community?
  3. FIND CREATIVE WAYS to promote your business. Social media is a powerful tool to let people know that you have openings. You might want to create a Facebook page for your daycare business where you share pictures and stories. You could have your present families write a review and offer gift cards for referrals that lead to enrollment.
  4. DO NOT ENGAGE in a negative talk about other daycare providers. It might be tempting, but it is not worth it. If you are interviewing a family who is sharing frustrations about their previous provider, try to change the subject and focus on what you have to offer instead of what the other provider did not offer. The family may have every right to be upset with their previous provider, but every story has two sides.
  5. BECOME FRIENDS with daycare providers in your area. We teach our kids about the importance of teamwork, but do we walk the talk? What if we decide not to look at daycare providers in our area as enemies but as our team? If one daycare provider is full but knows that you have openings, she might be happy to recommend you and send potential clients your way. Return the favor. Don’t isolate but find your daycare providers tribe. Trust me, they will understand you like no one else.
  6. IGNORE THE MEAN GIRLS. If there is a provider who is spreading lies about you and constantly putting you down, ignore it. Let your actions and integrity speak for itself. It will be difficult and painful, but by staying honorable and not engaging in a childish behavior you will gain respect in your community which eventually will lead to more clients.

Above all else, do not become a mean girl. As women we have to cheer for each other and not tear each other down. We can do this, can’t we?

Girlfriend, this is your new game plan! Practice, practice, practice and you will win the championship!

xoxo, Sylvie

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