Thanks, Giving!

[sgmb id=”1″]Thanksgiving is tomorrow.

Which means (for most of us) – a nice golden turkey, mashed potatoes plus gravy (hello we can’t forget gravy), yummy coleslaw, sweet potatoes plus marshmallows (so much goodness in one dish!), stuffing, corn, green beans casserole, dinner rolls (manna from heaven) and PIES! LOTS OF PIES!

Am I making you hungry yet? I am pretty much drooling here! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Thanksgiving!

But do you know what is even more exciting? A SHORT work week! Friends, I know how hard and tiring being a daycare provider is, so we don’t need to be shy about it – a short work week is something we are THANKFUL for and we are going to be loud about it! YES! YES! YES!

You deserve a BREAK!

This year, Jeff and I will be hosting Thanksgiving at our home. I was born to host! I love having people over, but I also love that my husband enjoys cooking. I know, don’t hate me. He is great! Jeff has two younger brothers – which means his mother had no daughters. LOL! So she taught Jeff how to cook, shop and much, much more! I hit a jackpot when I married Jeff.

So tonight, Jeff will be in the kitchen making all the delicious stuff while I will be decorating our dining table, cleaning and getting ready for our guests. It’s going to be great!

But in the middle of chaos, business, shopping and getting ready for tomorrow… I want to pause. I want to take a break and look around. I want to appreciate all the blessings in my life. Often, I look at my house and see many things I want to change. Or I go to the store and find lots of things I want to buy. And even worse, I find things I want to change in my husband – yikes! I look in the mirror, and oh boy, more things I want to change (thank God for make up!)

It’s like nothing is ever good enough! Ya know? I want more, bigger and better. Can you relate?

But “What if, today, we were grateful for everything?” as little Charlie Brown said. Such a simple line, yet so meaningful. Can you take a moment to appreciate people, things, or memories that you are thankful for? Let’s focus on what truly matters. Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving with more than just a turkey on the table. Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving with our hearts not our stomaches only!

A simple “THANK YOU.” makes a huge difference in this world, in your world, in my world.
Be generous with your words and gratitude. People matter.

So let me start: I am thankful for the opportunity to have YOU in my life.

Thank YOU for taking your precious time to read my blog and allow me to share my heart with you. YOU are a gift to me. Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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