What Do You Do All Day?

[sgmb id=”1″]”What do you do all day?”

Ladies, don’t you just “love” when people ask you “What do you do all day? Getting paid for watching kids play and staying home all day must be nice!”


It is one of the most annoying and judgmental questions I was asked while doing daycare. I think the image of a daycare provider that some people have is this: they are sitting on the couch with a nice cup of Starbucks, flipping through a magazine while kids watch cartoons all day long!

SERIOUSLY! Wouldn’t that be nice! Sign me up! But NO the REAL image of a daycare provider looks more like this: changing an outrageous amount of diapers, cleaning up countless messes, cooking and feeding a bunch of hungry and very impatient kiddos, teaching while dealing with constant interruptions, snuggling teething babies while they scream into your ears, and entertaining and trying to keep things fun and interesting while being stuck at home for 10 hours a day! If that weren’t enough, you still have to deal with late pick ups when you have no energy left, and remind the parents to pay you!

Now, let’s not forget about all the rules and regulations we have to follow as licensed daycare providers, plus all the classes we have to take in order to keep our license! The truth is this list could go on and on…. Being a daycare provider is one of the most draining and difficult jobs out there, yet we are crazy enough to do it!

But it’s 6 pm!

Your work day is OVER! Your couch never looked more relaxing.

But WAIT! Who is going to make dinner? Who is going to clean up daycare and get it ready for the next day? And I just remembered, kids are back from school and need help with homework. Yes, real life happens!

Providers, you are FABULOUS! You deserve a medal in my eyes!

Most people could never keep up with the speed you are running every single day! They would quit after one day of doing daycare, if they lasted that long. But not YOU! The superpower from coffee you access every morning, the hugs and kisses from kids you receive every single day, and the smiles on their faces and little voices saying “ I LOVE YOU” make it all worth it!

People ask stupid questions, but you don’t have to give stupid answers! Next time somebody asks you what you do all day, just smile, nod your head and say,


Until next time,


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