Don’t Cry Because It’s Over, Smile Because It Happened…

[sgmb id=”1″]I have been pretty quiet for a while, and you might be wondering if I am still around.

Let me reassure you that I am still here. No worries, I am not going anywhere!

“So where have you been?”  you may ask.

Let me share my answer: the honest, painful and raw answer.

Are you ready?

The last few weeks were filled with lots of goodbyes. Not the good kind of goodbyes, like the ones at the end of your daycare day when you are ready for everyone to go home, but the kind of goodbyes that are painful and unexpected.

For the last few weeks my husband and I have been going to his parents house to help with packing and cleaning as they sold their house. “It was a dream come true to grow up here” my husband Jeff said while filling boxes and sharing stories from his childhood. We were cleaning one room at the time with mixed emotions of tears and laughter. It was a long and a busy week, and we were tired both physically and emotionally.

Finally the closing day came with a new family ready to make memories in the house that once belonged to our family. We took a last picture in front of the house before we left, and once again we were reminded…

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

There was another difficult goodbye that I learned about while working on Jeff’s parents house: I received a phone call that my American Grandpa passed away unexpectedly. As I mentioned before, I grew up in Poland but when I moved to the US, my American Grandpa became a huge part of my life.

Have you ever met someone that you just clicked with right away?

That would be my Grandpa. Everybody loved him: his family, his friends and people who knew him. He was kind and accepting of everyone. He made people feel special and wanted. Grandpa took genuine interest in people’s lives. He was a man of integrity and courage. He was fun and loving. I could not believe that he was gone just like that. As I pondered the news in my heart, I struggled to accept the reality and wanted so badly to wake up from this “ horrible dream” but unfortunately the events taking place in my life were undeniable.

The last few weeks have been painful as two chapters of our lives were ending at the same time and we were forced to say goodbyes that we were not ready for.

So here it is – my honest and transparent answer of why you have not heard from me.

I decided to share and be authentic because, well… you deserve it. You are a part of my Fabulous Provider community and I want you to know that I very much cherish and appreciate you. And if you are struggling with loss at this time, I want to encourage you with the wise words of Dr. Seuss.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

You’ve got this girlfriend!



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